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The Truth Reveals Itself

With “Veiled/Unveiled” rapidly approaching, I may have just enough time to create one more piece to include in “Just a Peek, Please?” and show in the exhibit. I have decided to work with the following quote: “Some say: Curiosity killed the cat. No! I say: with propaganda comes awareness. Many seek the truth.”

WhIle marinating on the quote and how I wanted to represent it, I decided to look deeper into the Japanese concept of “Notan”, or the relationship between dark and light areas in art. The idea is that when you remove the details of a work and focus on the dark and light areas, the truth or essence of the art reveals itself. I have been peripherally thinking about the concept for some time, and it hit me yesterday, kapow! Truth. Awareness. Propaganda. I should use the concepts of Notan for this piece! How exciting 😁 Let’s see what happens!

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