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No One Cries Alone

Today I was supposed to meet up with someone at 9:30am at my art exhibit to talk about the work. I got there around 9am and decided to go early, just to observe how people reacted to my work. I admit, I was chuckling to myself and feeling sneaky while I snapped photos of people lifting the scarves, reading the quotes, talking with their friends about the pieces, etc. Then one of the people came over to me and asked if I knew who the artist was. Well, I straightened my shoulders up a bit and with a big grin I said "Yes! It's me!" All of a sudden, the woman just let out a huge sigh, gave me a hug, and started saying how much she loved the paintings and how they really spoke to her. Then the words turned into mumbles, and the mumbles into quiet sniffles, and the sniffles into sobs. I mean really, truly, wet and messy sobs! I was so surprised! I mean we were total strangers! But then -- not so surprisingly, since I can't let anyone cry alone -- we were both crying, and then her friend came over and all three of us were crying! What a mess we were! A beautiful, crying mess :) After everyone collected themselves we visited and shared stories for the next 30 minutes or so. It was wonderful! For me, that is what art and expression is all about! Opening hearts, touching hearts, and bringing hearts together in a place of deep understanding and love. I feel so blessed to have shared that moment, and I hope that my paintings reach more people, open more hearts, and maybe make things just a little better. To you all, my friends and family, thank you for your support as I walk along this artistic journey. I get to have these amazing experiences, and I would not be able to do it without your encouragement and help.

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